Toller Patio Bar & Kitchen


Nobody waits for a drink anymore.

Toller Patio in Dallas, TX has adopted a 100% mobile ordering model using Union, increasing staff efficiency, delighting guests, and generating thousands in additional sales every day.

High Volume. Low Ticket Times.

"Guests are amazed at how quickly they receive their orders. They have even timed us to see how fast they can get a drink and they love it!"
Paige B.
General Manager, Toller Patio

Speed & Efficiency are Key

Since implementing UNION mobile ordering, Toller Patio has reduced their maximum ticket times from 25 minutes to 6 minutes, resulting in an outpour of guests satisfaction and loyalty. 

” At first my staff was concerned about using an app that would eliminate traditional steps of service.”

 “Since our guests began using UNION to place orders, our team’s efficiency, tip percentage, and sales have drastically improved, because guests were receiving their items so quickly!” 


Guests manage their experience

All guests have their own 外围滚球app365 in their hands at all times.  They can order from their tables, tip and pay, all from their phones using Union. 

No more running back and forth or dealing with order entry on a screen, and staff can engage with guests better than ever. 

Since implementing mobile ordering with Union, Toller Patio has barely any need for their 外围滚球app365 system. 

"I wish I could use this at every restaurant."


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